People Say The Funniest Things  

Griff Rhys Jones
"Tony husband is even funnier than I am"

Michael Palin
"Tony Husband is consistently one of the funniest cartoonists around"

Ian Hislop
"One of my favourite cartoons of all time is by Tony Husband. It shows a man who has just got out of bed staring at his chest of drawers. He says 'Another day another pair of underpants'. I've always thought that, as an analysis of the human condition, this is pretty telling and pretty apt"

Michael Heath
"Gloomy, appears all over the place, but full of very funny and at times risqué cartoons about despair and marriage"

Terry Jones
"Tony Husband's jokes make my socks look like budgerigars"

Dan Kieran
"Tony Husband is the Keith Richards of the cartoon world"

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