What Does TOONY DOODLE Do? by Dan Cockrill (Doodle Doo!)

makes a doodle look a doddle
makes a squiggle giggle
with jiggle and juggle of line
with wiggle and wriggle of pen

a scribble
a ball point dribble
makes minds boggle

cartoon alchemistic
he is the Doodle Doctor
but he doesn’t Doo-little
instead he does a-lot-with-a-little

draws breath, draws life
never a blank
with bespoke stroke
pokes pins, pens, pencils
in voo-doodle dolls

cajoles, conjures, ponders, bamboozles
canoodles with wolf whistle wit
cooks up a picture
with an apple stru-doodle display
this is what Toony Doodle does all day

makes the world see anew
waves toodle-oo
a cool doodle doo
doodle dude.

Images must not be reproduced without permission. © 2010 Tony Husband