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Posted by: Rupert Faulkner on 24 May 2014 10:23 am Post #446
From : Widnes

Dear Tony; Have just read your article The D. Mail; I was in Somerset with my S. in Law who has early Dem. Ron and I were close colleagues and Friends at Gus and he attended my retirement in 2000 and his card I treasure, it was a hand drawn caricature of our times together. We visited many suppliers together and evenings in Hotels would end with Ron having his usual tipple "Teachers" . I visited Hyde C.C. on a number of occasions and called at the cottage but unfortunately Ron was never there. The Xmas cards stopped a number of years ago and I guessed something must have occurred. It was Comforting Tony, to know Ron was well cared for and thank you for sharing your experience with us all. My usual farewell to my boys is "Take care Son" so it was very poignant. Lovely man and good friend; Best Wishes Rupert

Posted by: Caro on 23 May 2014 11:55 am Post #444
From : nogna

I read your 'Take care, Son' in the Mail online and I found it incredibly moving - my mother is on the same road. Thank you for putting it into words and images in such a way that everyone can understand
Posted by: Sue Stott on 19 May 2014 21:11 pm Post #443
From : Spalding

It was amazing to see the extracts from your book about your father online today. Firstly because my son and daughter in law now live in your father's old house -so we could recognise the views from the windows and the settings, and secondly because my husband's mother is going through the sad journey into dementia and so much that you portray is extremely recognisable. Thank you for such a touching and truthful account so beautifully portrayed.
Posted by: max mackayjames on 12 May 2014 17:07 pm Post #440
From : london

Thanks Tony for naming the dementia shadows for 'men beyond 50' and telling such a tender father and son story. We'll feature on our website for older geexers. Oh, and we'd LOVE to be able to use your cartoons on the site too. max
Posted by: carol on 12 May 2014 8:33 am Post #438
From : bangor

Read your cartoons in The Mail - it brought back so many memories of what my late father went through - it was so accurate. Ended up in floods of tears, but have to keep remembering what the nurses told me... the patients are very often "away" in a world of their own, back in their younger, happier years, and its us in the "real" world, unable to help, that do the most suffering. Its worth bearing that in mind I guess. Wishing you well, and much success with your work
Posted by: John Sposato on 11 May 2014 23:28 pm Post #437

Read yesterdays work in the Mail. My Granddad had Alzheimers so I've been there.
Posted by: Karen on 09 May 2014 16:19 pm Post #436
From : Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for a tender remembrance of a difficult journey for your father and family.
Posted by: Jill Bird on 09 May 2014 14:49 pm Post #435
From : London

had to write to say what a wonderful tribute in today's Daily Mail, to your father. Tremendously moving, funny, clever and unbearably sad.
what an interesting man your father must have been and how wonderful to be able to commemorate him in this way.
This is right up there with the most moving pieces of literature ever - in my opinion.
Oh my, I just keep on reading it ...
Posted by: Tania England on 09 May 2014 9:55 am Post #434
From : Kent

I've just read your hugely moving book regarding your father's dementia. What a devastatingly effective way to convey the message. It made me feel like I wish I had known your dad. I just felt compelled to find a way of letting you know. Thank you.
Posted by: fiona wardell on 09 May 2014 8:10 am Post #432
From : falkirk

I have just read your incredibly moving account of your dad's dementia. My word. It was extraordinary. Years ago you kindly drew a cartoon for my dad, Jim, a yobs cartoon. He now has early stages of dementia, like my grandma did.I have wept reading about your dad - because it has rung true. Thank you for helping to bring this terrible condition into the public domain and for doing it in such a compassionate, humorous and thoughtful way. Best wishes, Fiona
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