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Posted by: Caroline Hemmings on 15 Feb 2016 9:28 am Post #510
From : Hertfordshire

Tony, I had not come across your work until yesterday when I was in a bookshop and read the book on your father cover to cover. I'm still thinking about it today.
I lost my father 1 year ago today and although it wasn't dementia ( it was mesothelioma), I watched my Father slip away from me. My thoughts and feelings that I couldn't articulate came out in your drawings and words. I stood in that bookshops and cried for your Dad and for mine.
Thank you. Caroline
Posted by: Andrew Early on 28 Jan 2016 23:50 pm Post #509
From : plymouth

been looking for this for ages to add to my dissertation on Toilets in film, thanks
Posted by: Alex Cluskey-Smith on 18 Jan 2016 22:33 pm Post #508
From : Hull

Found you through wikipedia article on Round the Bend, formative stuff from my childhood, absolutely fabulous, was hoping it was available on amazon on dvd or something haha!

Thank your for putting them online, really appreciated :)
Posted by: Sally Mahoney on 17 Jan 2016 22:54 pm Post #507
From : Exeter

I am attending one of your workshops with Budding Friends from AgeUKExeter tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to it to see the reactions from the people that come along.
Posted by: roy phelps on 15 Jan 2016 19:49 pm Post #506
From : essex

love your work tony...especially your ideas
im an amateur gag artist/illustrator myself
i always end up on your page for inspiration


Posted by: Lisa Birley on 12 Jan 2016 14:01 pm Post #505
From : Wimborne

Hi Tony,

Please,please,please can we get this show on dvd. It's one of the best ever children's programmes and my children and I used to howl with laughter when we watched it. An absolute classic and I for one can think of umpteen people that I would buy dvd's for.

You would make an old lady really happy if you could organise this for me. No pressure!
Posted by: Rebecca (harp) Mills on 07 Dec 2015 19:38 pm Post #504
From : Manchester

Hi Tony - great to meet you today in Ward 10 & a big THANK YOU for the quick Flute & Harp sketch….more musical doodles soon?
Posted by: Judith on 06 Dec 2015 13:28 pm Post #503
From : Poughkeepsie NY USA

In London last month, we stumbled into a major den of Yobs by accident, booking a deceptively presented "pub hotel" near Liverpool St. Station. Fled after one night, but got great laughs from your strip, defining the English species of the fauna we in the USA got "lotsa." All best, happy hols.
Posted by: Helen & Paul on 01 Dec 2015 15:21 pm Post #502
From : Grantham

What a pleasure it was to meet you at The Kings Head - keeping the cartoon until 'times are 'ard ' !! Kind regards Helen & Paul
Posted by: Ian on 17 Nov 2015 11:44 am Post #501
From : Bridgnorth

Hi Tony,

We saw you with Ian McMillan at Quatt Village Hall recently and you kindly signed a copy of your book "Take Care, Son" for us. I've just got round to reading it and was left with tears in my eyes. Thank you for making the book.

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