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Posted by: Nick Tidder on 02 Apr 2010 6:07 am Post #7
From : Northampton

Dear Tony I think that Yobs is the best cartoon strip Long may it continue Cheers Nick
Posted by: Dr Yousef Abdulla on 02 Apr 2010 6:06 am Post #6
From : Orpington Kent

I find yobs hilarious
Posted by: Jack Bolton on 02 Apr 2010 6:04 am Post #5
From : M¸nchen ( Munich to you)

tee hee, brightened my day and gave me some ideas for how I can misspend the budget after the next bloated expansion
Posted by: David Sherwel on 02 Apr 2010 5:59 am Post #4
From : Manchester UK

I just love YOBS ø so well captured!
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