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Posted by: Alan Deal on 02 Apr 2010 6:42 am Post #28
From : Middlesbrough

Just thought credit was due to the man I've just found out to be the creator of Round The Bend; well done, it was insane. I'm just annoyed I didn't keep the collection of episodes that I taped off tv. A petition for a DVD release wouldn't go amiss, eh? How's about it folks? Cartoons amazin too, just seen that John Peel birthday greeting in his new book margrave of the marshes - ver cool. Alan Deal
Posted by: Phil Holden on 02 Apr 2010 6:36 am Post #27
From : Athens, Greece

Brilliiant cartoons Tony. And so distinctive. I think my all time favourite was one set in the waiting room of a psychiatrist's office where someone waiting was hiolding a stack of fish while saying to another person, "...and here's one of me and my wife..." brilliant. For me what transforms this from being a very silly and funny into a classic was the slightly deranged look on the fish- holder and the equally slightly worried look on the face of the listener. Tony, more power to your pen. One question: Do your ideas come in bursts of activity, or regularly? Here in Greece there is only one funny Greek cartoonist, called Arkas. He has two funny sets of characters. One is a father and son pidgeon who fly around all the rubbish and shit in Athens. Of course the joke is the father wants the son to be respectful and polite but is frustrated because he isn't. Secondly a citizen of Athens, recently dead is in heaven/hell waiting to decide his fate. He talks all the time to an angel/devil - very nice. Cheers Tony, thanks for the laughs, Phil Holden Athens
Posted by: Fungus on 02 Apr 2010 6:35 am Post #26
From : Shetland

You make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Wish folk could say that about me!
Posted by: Amber on 02 Apr 2010 6:34 am Post #25
From : London England

I think this is rarther fabulous
Posted by: John L on 02 Apr 2010 6:33 am Post #24
From : New Zealand

Round the Bend, now that takes me back a few years, even from down here on the south side of the world. That was the best program I ever saw as a child. I wish I could get Round the Bend on DVD, or in fact, by any means at all.
Posted by: Roger Blake on 02 Apr 2010 6:33 am Post #23
From : United Kingdom

Keep up the wonderful work. I am the proud owner of an original cartoon of yours "Beware of Dog" with the postman getting his leg humped, I bought it many years ago from Mel Calmans shop in Lambs Conduit St. It graces my smallest room where everybody who visits sees it. It must be one of the first you had published in Private Eye, it still brings a smile to my face, very best wishes Roger Blake

Posted by: Aart on 02 Apr 2010 6:31 am Post #22
From : San Marcos Texas

Wonderful Cartoons. really cheers you up!
Posted by: LenJones on 02 Apr 2010 6:31 am Post #21

Dunno. Have'n' read it ye'
Posted by: Michael on 02 Apr 2010 6:30 am Post #20
From : England

You sir are the funniest cartoonist. In particular the ones with the quietly deranged suburban types always make me laugh out loud. I kiss your hand
Posted by: ashley on 02 Apr 2010 6:29 am Post #19
From : edlo

this websites like my area
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