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Posted by: simon benham on 02 Apr 2010 6:50 am Post #38
From : god's own city

Hello Tony Your on the website now! any chance of a cartoon or two, let me know what you think cheers S
Posted by: Alan Royston on 02 Apr 2010 6:49 am Post #37
From : Woodley, Stockport

Hello Tony, Always enjoy your work, and hope to get along to the Lowry. Its nice to see a Hyde lad doing something to make you smile for a change. I'm an ex Greeny lad and remember you well, keep up the good work. Yours, Alan
Posted by: Steve Sullivan on 02 Apr 2010 6:48 am Post #36
From : Winchelsea Beach

a watched pot never breakdances... thank you, thank you
Posted by: Morty on 02 Apr 2010 6:47 am Post #35
From : Spain

"Sorry, Mum." still makes me laugh, years later. Thank you so much.
Posted by: marcus on 02 Apr 2010 6:47 am Post #34
From : Sheffield

I always avoid yobs. Except yours. It's a sadly accurate depiction of the affliction of the chav class. How about 'chavs' - or are they just jobs with bangles. keep up the good work, please. And thanks a bundle
Posted by: Neil Kerber on 02 Apr 2010 6:46 am Post #33
From : Hadley Green, Herts

Tony, I've been an admirer of your work for a long time, wlthough I must say, I do prefer the cartoons of Neil Kerber. Do you by any chance know him? Keep up the good work Neil Kerber
Posted by: steve dutton on 02 Apr 2010 6:45 am Post #32
From : hyde

what about life before all these awards and accolades! well done Tony and best wishes
Posted by: NEIL EDMONDSON on 02 Apr 2010 6:44 am Post #31

Thanks a lot - have had a good laugh at your work , Its a blessing to have a a sense of humour and yours appeals to me. I am long in th tooth and a widower of 18 months , but can still see the funny side life . Thanks again
Posted by: Ken Lucas on 02 Apr 2010 6:44 am Post #30
From : Australia

Mr. Husband, Is the DNA one "If you've got it you're guilty" available for sale? I know it was some time ago. Loved the bird flu one last week.
Posted by: andrew birch on 02 Apr 2010 6:43 am Post #29

All these cartoonists with their own websites - perhaps I should have one...
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