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Posted by: Nick F on 02 Apr 2010 7:12 am Post #57
From : Edmonton, Canada

As an expatriate these days, your cartoons keep me in touch with the British sense of humour that I miss so much. I've always been a fan of your cartoons, even going back to the Funday Times of many a year ago. Good luck with future endeavours! Nick F
Posted by: Brian Brooke on 02 Apr 2010 7:11 am Post #56
From : Outerspace

Hope alls well, will be in touch after my jaunt to New York xx
Posted by: Spike Ricketts on 02 Apr 2010 7:11 am Post #55
From : London, now Holland

'Aye up! I've just got a text from my dad. What's it say? "Fuck off"'. And 'Jesus Christ,what now? I'm trying to finish my fucking sermon'. How the expression in the eye, just a dot and a line, sets the whole character. Pure genius! Thank you so much.
Posted by: Steve Bonner on 02 Apr 2010 7:10 am Post #54
From : Ash, Surrey

Hi there ! I first saw your cartoons in Oink! and have laughed at them ever since wherever they turn up (Currently in Private Eye as a regular source of hilarity) Best wishes - Steve
Posted by: nigel pivaro on 02 Apr 2010 7:09 am Post #53
From : tameside Reporter

Tony get in touch re your exhibhition.ASAP 3031910
Posted by: Steve Hampson on 02 Apr 2010 7:07 am Post #52
From : Queniborough leics.

Hi Tony Bet you don't remember me. Hydonian ,friend of John saxon and David Hall, John Newton et al.I remember your artistic talents coming to the fore and was not surprised that you had "made it".You were learning the jewellry business with John newton the last time we met. I went awy to Univ etc etc and ended up in Leicestershire...Long story... I see you are performing at my neighbouring village, Barkby Village Hall next Friday.I had made a mental note to attend and I was so looking forward to seeing your show but I have to be away that week end now. I do hope your show goes well and Good Luck . Hopefully you get a return booking in The Charnwood area.
Posted by: Sonia on 02 Apr 2010 7:06 am Post #51
From : Eydon, northants

Saw the show at Blakesley and Woodend Village Hall tonight - brilliant, I laughed so much I had tears streaming down my face. Thanks for the cartoon. Great website too - congratulations to your son.
Posted by: Ian C on 02 Apr 2010 7:06 am Post #50
From : Leeds but in India

First the Goons - later Don Martin & Spy vs. Spy then PE - the Gays & Celeb - the brilliant Yobs up with the best - however like Rankin¥s Rebus and Ali G. and Bhorat you can have too much of a good thing. love to see some Celeb Chefs, Food Critics and other `Experts¥ solving the world¥s problems. Perhaps the `Civil Liberties Front¥ would be fair game. Love your work IanC
Posted by: Tracey Stewart on 02 Apr 2010 7:05 am Post #49
From : United Kingdom

Stumbled upon you via a link from a "Round The Bend" website. I absolutely loved this series and desperately want it to come out on DVD so that I can revel in the lunacy again. Love all the comic book illustrations on the website and found your site from their "Links" page. Cheers, Tracey
Posted by: Annabel Bristow on 02 Apr 2010 7:04 am Post #48
From : Marlow

Dear Tony, thanks for the favourite x
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