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Posted by: Matthew on 21 Feb 2022 4:51 am Post #1464
From : Geelong Victoria Australia

Dear Tony,
I hope you are well re covid etc. I am a son who lost his dad to Parkinsonís. I got your book about your dad, and have been rereading it. A bit of synergy or connection with the title of it and something my dad said to me before he went into care was Take it easyÖ
What are some new doodles etc you are creating?
Iím an Illustrator by the way.
Posted by: Jim on 10 Feb 2022 13:51 pm Post #1463
From : London

Yobettes live!

Overheard in local from 20ish girl to other girls.
"Just because I am Shagging him"
"He said he wanted a relationship"
(Long pause)
"So I said he could be a friend!"

Keep up the work - luv em.
Posted by: Mike Foster on 01 Dec 2021 23:37 pm Post #1462
From : Teddington

I've been enjoying Yobs for a few years (5? 10?).
Now supplemented by single frame cartoons in your tweets.
Next I need to see your dementia work. I'm dealing (not very successfully) with my 100 year old mother's fairly swift plunge into confusion. As a result, I'm also very confused.
Anyway, I like your work - it makes me smile. In my view, you're almost level pegging with Kevin Woodcock - my all-time favourite cartoon is his 'Mummy at School Gate'.
Please keep it up.
Posted by: Jonathan Broster on 02 Nov 2021 22:51 pm Post #1461
From : Edinburgh

Hi Tony. Just wanted to thank you so much for the work of art that is the t-shirt of Ronnie Wood which I have received today courtesy of Marc Riley. I won it a while back on his show on 6Music and was his first (and probably only) incorrect answer winner!
It's a brilliant thing and the caricature is superb. I can only dream of being able to illustrate like that. My daughter, 14, is a very good artist and thinks your design is "cool" (high praise indeed, trust me).
If you have a preferred charity, I would be happy to make a small donation as thanks for this wonderful thing.
All the best, Jonathan .
Posted by: Darren Stafford on 01 Nov 2021 11:16 am Post #1460
From : Loughborough

I grew up reading comics (he says 'grew up' I still read comics!) including Oink and quickly became a fan of your work Tony. Your instantly recognisable style of drawing made it easy to spot that you were the artist when I noticed your cartoons pop up in other publications I bought. I love that no two pieces of work are the same and your diversity is your strength. You can be extremely clever and witty one minute, downright daft the next and then deliver the most touching moment that melts your heart... everything a comic strip should be. The fact you are still producing to a high level all these years later says it all... class transcends the ages. Following someone you looked up to on social media is always risky, as they say never meet your heroes. But you are the epitome of your work all encompassed in a person... a lovely human being. Cheers mate
Posted by: Jarl on 16 Oct 2021 16:15 pm Post #1459
From : Egersund

ive been searching for years for your comic strip reprint in norways comics named Pyton. about the skinheads/skinnskallene. its hard to find any info about it, is there some place to buy them.
best from jarl
Posted by: Peter Cubbin on 07 Oct 2021 10:08 am Post #1458
From : Merseyside

Hi Tony,
I may be able to help you with your lettering. I could take a sample of your handwriting (i.e.every letter) and then turn it into a font file, so all you need to do is type out the captions - and hey presto it will appear in your style of handwriting.


Posted by: Rich Blackbjrn on 05 Aug 2021 14:27 pm Post #1457
From : Cleveleys

Hi Tony would it be possible to buy a print of your dementia cartoon strip.
We work with elderly clients and see a lot dementia, helping family know that itís not the end of everything is important and your cartoon does that perfectly.
Posted by: Nicky on 01 Jun 2021 17:08 pm Post #1456
From : Manchester

Hello Tony,

Wanted to get your email address if poss please mate and have a chat re SPORTUNITEDAGAINSTDEMENTIA.


Posted by: Pippa on 19 May 2021 9:25 am Post #1455
From : London

Love this Tony! How creative and clever. My dementia work has brought me many great things and meeting you (well, virtually anyway) is definitely one of them. You have the dubious honour of being the only one of my podcast guests to have appeared twice. Your cartoons are superb and you're - overused word - quite an inspiration. All the best, Pippa!
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